Youth  Foundation  Schedule
2016 / 2017

Below are 3 Photos of the NEW 22 Range


100 Foot, 6 Station, Youth, Outdoor,
.22 Rifle Range.

Only use the following Rimfire Calibers,
.22, .22 Long, or .22 Long Rifle

.22 Mag. OR 22-250 at this Range.
Thank You !

NRA Basic Rifle

4 days at 2 hours per session
(December and January)
Sunday, December 4
Sunday, December 11
Sunday, January 22
Sunday, January 29

NRA Winchester Light Rifle

(Range Time) – 8 days at 2 hours per session
(January, February and March)
Sunday, January 8
Sunday, January 22
Sunday, January 29
Sunday, February 5
Sunday, February 12
Sunday, March 12
Sunday, March 19
Sunday, March 26


Must have completed and passed
NRA Rifle Certification program
to be eligible to participate
Saturday, March 4
SNOW DATE Sunday, March 5

Hunter Safety

Please note these dates have NOT been set
by the State Instructor, refer to the
Big Pine Web site for firm dates later this
winter, 2 days over 2 weekends
(1 Friday & 1 Saturday)
Session 1
(to be eligible to hunt in the Spring)
Friday, March 24
Saturday, April 8
Session 2
(to be eligible to hunt in the Fall)
Friday, August 4
Saturday, August 12

NRA Basic Shotgun

4 days at 3 hours per session (April)
Sunday, March 26
Sunday, April 9
Sunday, April 30
Sunday, May 7

NRA Skeet Qualification

(Range Time) – 2 days per month
(May, June, July and August)
Sunday, May 7
Sunday, May 21
Sunday, June 4
Sunday, June 25
Sunday, July 16
Sunday, July 30
Sunday, August 13
Sunday, August 27

Youths will be asked to be
“brass pickers” at the cowboy shoots.
The cowboys will tip the youths for their
work and the money will be put in the
youth fund.

For More Information about the
Youth Programs
Please Contact
Rick Pellerin at 876-4928

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