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July 2017
Rifle  Range  Report

On Saturday July 1st the rifle committee held a rimfire competition, we had a total of 6 contestants, with 5 adults and one minor. You will find the scores listed below. It was good to see almost every bay filled at the 400 yard range, and we thank each contestant for coming out.

Progress is being made to complete the new rimfire range and the reactive targets have been assembled and are ready to be installed.

I would like to remind members that we have a 400 yard rifle shoot coming up on the 5th of August. I believe this will prove to be our most challenging rifle shoot of the year.

Gilbert Neil was our overall winner with a score of 246 out of a perfect score of 300.

It was decided, the Prize for our First Place Winner would be, that his/her Entrance Fee would be Refunded.

2nd   Larry Dubien 209
3rd   Olivia Rice 199
4th   Bruce Williams 184
5th   Joe Comeau 176
6th   John Lee 131

June 2017
Rifle  Range  Report

On Saturday June 3, Big Pine Gun Club held a Carbine
Competition, with 3 people participating. A rainy morning
turned into a nice day for shooting, and the black flies
were kept at bay, for the most part. Find scores below.

Scores for 2017 Carbine Competition
Of a possible 300

Gilbert Neal 174
Larry DuBien 114
Beth Tracy 48


On Saturday Oct. 1st the rifle committee held its second annual rifle sight-in. Bill Orton was there to help as Range Officer and with getting the rifles sighted in. Bill also conducted an orientation which will bring us a new member. We had three men altogether that show interest in joining the club.

Dave Mercier made the range markers and Charlie Cournoyer helped set them up. Larry Dubien and myself each made a target stand and will be making more in the future. Joe Comeau our web master showed up for support and to sight in a rifle, as did Charlie.

The rain held off, with very little wind, and mild temperatures. Good comradery and safety at the range made for an excellent day.

With the completion of the 400 yard range, Big Pine Gun Club has reached another milestone.

These are the latest results of the High Power Rifle
Competition at stage 7, held on August 13, 2016.

Best score was Chet Guilford with a 245 out of 300

David Hall        243
Larry DuBien        166
Bruce Williams        155
Joe Comeau        100, 77, and 58.
Joe Shot 3 Different Rifles


Our overall winner was David Hall with a score of 221 of a possible 300.

The results are as follows

David Hall        211
Larry DuBien        181
Bruce Williams        173
Chet Guilford        163
Fred        156
Kerry Israels        119
Bruce Smith        118
Nathaniel Fanjoy          78
Garrett Vieira          46

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