Welcome  To  the  2017  
Carbine  Match

This match is opened to all club members of the Big Pine Gun Club, and the General Public.
Any and all carbines are acceptable.
All center fired calibers and cartridges are also acceptable.
With two divisions, open sights and scopes (glass).
(we will be having a rimfire competition in July)

There will be 30 rounds fired in total.
10 rounds, slow fire, standing, 5 mins.
10 rounds, slow fire, sitting or kneeling, 2 mins.
10 rounds, rapid fire, prone, 1 min.
All distances will be at 100 yards.

There will be a 10.00 fee for adults and 5.00 for anyone under 18 yrs.
Hope to see you there Saturday, June 3rd, starting at 9 a.m. until complete.
Having fun and being safe is our number one priority.
You may want to bring a lunch?

If You would Like to View
Past Rifle Match Results,
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